Variable Data Printing

As opposed to a traditional print project, where you provide the printer with creative and then contact data for the mailing, variable data printing first analyzes your customer data, before we work on creative. Variable data printing is a digital process that applies specific copy and images to individually personalize each print piece for the recipient. Simple data like recipient name or company name can be enough information to produce an effective advertisement or message on print collateral. Many companies include gender, age, and purchase history to apply relevant imagery. This is how it works:
  • Futura Color, Inc. receives your data and corresponding images, divided into demographics and target audience (called a "creative").
  • Futura Color, Inc. receives your creative, which indicates which segments of your print piece will be variable.
  • Our digital press impose individual images and/or text on each piece of print collateral.
  • Personalized material is created, forming stronger relationships and relevant marketing.
Increase your ROI!*

Look in your mail box today for any print and direct marketing collateral with your name on it. Does the design appeal to you and seemingly speak to you directly? That is the power of VDP!

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Contact Futura Color, Inc. to request a sample of a VDP piece with your name on it.

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Cross Media Marketing (CMM)

You can stop there or take your VDP to a higher level with Cross Media. Cross Media Marketing offers an interactive platform for your print. Cross Media Marketing is a specific application of print material that engages the user or prospect through multi touch channels. This type of engagement is a form of print marketing aimed at customer retention, personalization and new client acquisition. Cross media is a useful tool for business communications and most importantly, a critical component of the sales cycle. In addition to acquiring data on your prospects and generating leads, cross media enables your print piece to have a farther reach and a longer lasting effect. How?
  • Personalize URL’s on every variable data piece.
  • With an action call each recipient is sent to their own landing page campaign.
  • Gather variable data, gauge interest, generate memberships, make sales, send invites and promote or launch products and services.

What are PURLs?

PURLs or Personalized URLs are web addresses specific to a potential client in your database. Custom images, text, and other aspects of the site they go to will be different than others by creating a dynamic landing page. This gives the user a seemingly custom-made experience. The URL itself will even contain the user’s name, such as

The purpose of a PURL is to gather data either by having the user: submit a form, update their personal information, complete a survey, subscribe to a mailing, or RSVP for an event. Comprehensive reports analyze your campaign and its response rates to give you an accurate estimation of how effective your Cross Media campaign is in real-time.

QR Codes

Integrate mobile touch points for your postcard, into your presentation folder, business card, pamphlet, banner or other print product. These bar codes take each scanner onto an internet page.
  • Take scanners onto the mobile version of your site
  • Offer a free app download
  • Send scanners onto your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page
  • Offer a QR code to enter a PURL campaign

*Results are not guaranteed. Your return on investment may vary.