Will Direct Mail Grow My Business?

Traditional mail techniques preside over telemarketing and email blasts because they increase the personal connection with the consumer and promote value and tangibility. On average, direct mail will yield $10 in sales for each $1 spent. One-to-One Variable Data Printing is increasingly used in direct mail to tailor marketing messages based on the information stored in mailing databases. It outperforms traditional mail techniques by generating higher response rates and ROI.

Futura Color Mailing Services

  • Mailing and Fulfillment
  • List Cleansing: duplicates and undeliverable addresses removal
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Tabbing
  • Inserting
  • Drop Scheduling

Futura Color Helps Your Direct Mail:

  • Get Results
    Work with our brighter and whiter papers to stand aside from your competition.
  • Run Smoothly
    Futura Color ensures that your mailers comply with postal regulations.
  • Keep Costs in Line
    Our quality paper's high opacity-to-weight ratios reduce bulk and weight as well as show-through.


Please make note of these mailing considerations:

  • Additional mailing fees apply to the mailing option as well as for list merging, tabbing and inserting.
  • Mailing time depends on list processing, addressing, labeling, list cleansing and postal pre-sorting. Be sure to submit your mailing list at least 3-5 days prior to the scheduled mailing.

Mailing Costs

  • Request Mailing Cost Quotation based on Your Specific Project


Postage Costs

Postage costs are contingent upon the size, weight and thickness of the mailing as well as the service class: first or standard. The total cost of postage will be calculated after you have checked out. Please check "My Account" to see your postage dues. To avoid any delays, postage must be received by Futura Color, Inc. 24 hours prior to the scheduled mailing.

Non-profit Postage

If you are a 501 (c) (3), you have the option of mailing at a non-profit rate averaging $.173 for a standard letter. To utilize this option you will need to obtain a valid non-profit permit from the USPS by filling out the PSForm3624. It is also recommended that you complete the mailing process 7-15 days from the mailing date and that the mailing panel on the print piece design contains the same address as is listed on your non-profit postal permit.

Direct Mailing Design Checklist

To ensure that your job is processed at the automated rates, ensure that:

  • The bottom right corner of your print piece includes a space of 4" wide by 2" high.
  • If you choose inkjet addressing, you may not UV coat your print piece on the mailing side, but you may choose Aqueous coating

What needs tabbing?

  • Folded brochures and flyers must be single or double tabbed.
  • Booklets or catalogs that are smaller than 8.5" x 11" must be tabbed if they are mailed at the letter rate.
  • Booklets or catalogs sized larger than 6.125" x 11" WILL NOT require tabbing as they mail at a flat rate.

Mailing Lists

Upload your mailing list spreadsheet at the bottom of the pricing calculator with your artwork after selecting the mailing option. If you forget to do this you may email us your spreadsheet at orders@futuracolor.com. The subject should be your order number, which will be contained within your receipt email and order history. You must upload or email us one (1) mailing list spreadsheet in one of three formats: .xl, .xls, or .csv.

Are you looking for a particular mailing list? Mailing lists and sales lead solutions are available by industry, profession, specific interest, zip code, occupancy and more! To access millions of businesses and consumers and generate the right targets, visit usadata.com.

If you have any special requests or comments pertaining to your mailing list, please designate them in the uploads comment box.

  • Acceptable mailing list formats include .xl, .xls, or .csv spreadsheet files.
  • The name of the database must be relevant to the print project name.
  • Mailing cost will include mailing list processing, duplicate removal and inkjet addressing.
  • Please submit only one mailing list, by formatting all your contacts onto one spreadsheet.